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Twelve Simple Things that I have found to be True

1. If you love, you will be loved
2. When there is joy in your heart there is truth in your life.
3. When you see someone suffering send Angels to help them.
4. A simple smile can brighten anyone’s day, and it spreads.
5. SPIRIT / God is always right there just waiting for you to ask.
6. As you are open to change, more growth will happen.
7. Forgiveness is for you as well as the other person.
8. Boundaries keep you safe, feel free to set and enforce them.
9. When leaving the past behind be sure and sweep out the dust.
10. Opportunities are everywhere.
11. Awareness is wonderful thing.
12. Complaining blocks prosperity.


Your Radiant Love Assignment: Take a moment to go through the list above and note which energies are missing from your life. Then write a few words or sentences about how you could incorporate one of two of them per week into your life.

Now if you are just starting on your path toward living an anxiety free life, sign up for your first one on one consultation with me. Together we will take a look at what is going on for you and how you can embark on your road to wholeness, worthiness and acceptance, work with SPIRIT / God to shift your vibration and increase your feelings of inner peace. We will set up a step by step system to help you manage the feelings and emotions, increase your awareness on how to stay positive, and give you tools to create a better future. I look forward to serving you.




Deanna Gloyd, Your Spiritual Mentor, founder of Transformational Coaching with Radiant Love©, a proven spiritual method that teaches you how to connect with SPIRIT / God in a way that will transform your life, create a closer relationship with SPIRIT / God, and increase your inner peace in a way that is authentic and sustainable.

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