What I find to be interesting is that the secret to a joyous and happy life is the opposite of what is portrayed in the media, news, and movies. When I choose to watch what is being transmitted what I find is a huge amount of violence, disrespect, hatred, disdain, and above all lack of true happiness. It is apparent that we all love a good story where there is mystery and intrigue, where there is great peril for a hero or heroine, and it expected that that the good guy or gal wins in the end.

But is this a true reflection of the way life truly is? Well it can be. We all faces challenges, run various themes throughout our lives, or are surrounded by similar characters in our circles of family and friends. But how we see what happens to us – our perspective or point of view depends a large part on how we were raised, how we experienced life in our formative years, and what stimuli we take in in our day to day lives.

It is good to be aware that vision is our most dominant sense. And in knowing that it is wise to be aware of what that stimuli that sense is taking in, and how it can affect our perspective or point of view.

To be plain there are many secrets to a happy and joyous life. From my point of view it begins with seeking God’s truest love (Matthew 6:33), and all else will be added to you. On my journey the happiness began once I made a conscious decision to shed all the drama, trauma, and violence in my life.

I began simply by really looking at what I was allowing into my physical and psychological presence. I then made a few simple adjustments as to what I chose to allow as part of my daily visual stimulus. 

Path to success:
Here is a simple exercise that you can use to get started in reviewing what you are allowing into your presence, and what is influencing your point of view. On a piece of paper make a list of the following elements: man hits man, man hits woman, a gun is fired, someone is stabbed, verbal abuse, heated accusations. Then put this list near you when you are watching what is being transmitted. Place a tick mark next to each element when you are exposed to it. Do this for five days. You may be amazed at how much negative energy is being fed into your mind. Be aware that the more negative in, the less room there is for true joy and happiness.

 Now if you are unsure about how to turn your life around or even where to start, sign up for your first one on one consultation with me. Together we will take a look at what is going on for you and how you can embark on your road to wholeness, worthiness and acceptance, work with SPIRIT / God to shift your vibration and increase your feelings of inner peace. We will set up a step by step system to help you manage the feelings and emotions, increase your awareness on how to stay positive, and give you tools to create a better future. I look forward to serving you.      DeannaDeanna Gloyd, Your Spiritual Mentor, founder of Transformational Coaching with Radiant Love©, a proven spiritual method that teaches you how to connect with SPIRIT / God in a way that will transform your life, create a closer relationship with SPIRIT / God, and increase your inner peace in a way that is authentic and sustainable.

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