For many years I noticed that the job that I found myself doing, the people that I found myself hanging around, and the relationships that I found myself in were . . . well, just not me.

But if they were not me then what was I doing there? Why was I working in a job that cause me great amounts of stress, self doubt, and involved huge amounts of drama.

Why was I feeling like I could not be myself around other people and truly express my thoughts, feelings, and emotions? Why was I feeling forced to be with people who could not relate to me, and saw me as odd? Honestly it made me feel inadequate and caused me not to treat myself well. 

The answer to my situation was simple, I was not being congruent to my true nature. I was forcing myself to live within societal norms that didn’t fit who I was, or what I was here to do. I had been instilled with a set of self beliefs that were not congruent to my Divine nature, who God / SPIRIT had created me to be.

I had been instilled with a set of self beliefs that came from a tenant based faith that did not understand spiritually gifted people. Anything that I said or did that was outside of the “norm” was seen as bad or wrong or of the devil. It was not until my thirties that I learned that spiritual gifts were described in I Corinthians 12 and were quite acceptable in the sight of God / SPIRIT.

It was then that I was able to relax and allow myself to become a peace with who I was. It was then that I began to discover who I truly was and be in harmony with myself.

I am going to share with you four methods on how to run congruent to who you are.

1. Get clear on who you are. Write down how you feel about your current job, relationship, and the current topics of conversation that you find yourself having with your inner circle of friends. Then note the items that you feel comfortable with and the items you feel are missing. 

2. Get underneath the surface of self beliefs. Many people have trouble investing in themselves. Instead they give time to others, make sacrifices for others they would never do for themselves, and end up putting themselves at the bottom of the list. What do you truly believe about yourself? Are you worth having a job that you love? Relationships with people that honor you? Having the financial resources that you always dreamed of? What are the beliefs that hold you where you currently are right now? 

3. Debunk the belief systems that hold you down. Belief systems are a control device. If you believe something is true, then you perceive that your behavior has to be a certain way in order to keep you safe. In my case I was told that God did not talk to people and so it was demons that were talking to me so I needed to repent. Imagine how I felt when I repented and the messages from God got stronger!

4. Stand in Your Integrity. It is good to recognize certain people are not your ideal friends, some jobs do not honor your level of integrity, and some investments simply do not pay off. Trust your gut instinct – if something or someone causes your gut to squirm or hurt, listen to that. Not long after I found that my gifts were truly from the Divine nature of God / SPIRIT. I had a choice to make. Stand in the integrity of who I was, or conform to a church that did not allow for the nature of gifts of the Spirit. I had to let go.

Your Radiant Love Assignment.

What is your reality currently like? Do you feel like you are authentically living the life you desire? If not print out this post and keep it handy. The next time you come across something that makes you not feel good about your life, refer to these suggestion to help you resolve issues and move on. 


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