Right now the planet and the universe is shifting and changing at such an accelerated rate that it can be challenging to maintain clarity while experiencing the massive energy shifts.

It is important that we have, develop, and maintain clarity during these changing times in all aspects of our lives.

In working with clients this week the one aspect of change that seemed most pervasive was relationships with others.

In our relationships with other people we expect for things or situation to go a certain way. We have been brought up with certain belief systems, norms, and perceptions that serve as a compass by which we navigate our energy exchange with other people.

When we participate in a relationship we use the belief systems to gage how we perceive the actions of the other person; as well as, create our own reactionary state.

It is therefore important that we have clarity about our own personal self, and that we are truly divine beings existing in a space for learning and growth.

When we go into a reactionary state to any situation we find ourselves in ego and in full participation of drama, but if we can stay in a state of divine flow and come from the place of love – we can obtain our emotional freedom and move through the situation more easily.

Your Radiant Love Assignment.
This week notice how many that you go into a reactionary state when other people’s actions do not coincide with the belief system that you hold to be true.
Notice how many situations bring you into a state of anger, frustration, or high levels of anxiety. Get clear on what the triggers are that cause you to react and create drama. Then develop a way to help you defuse the anger, frustration, or anxiety so that you can move from to a more centered state.

Now if you are just starting on you path of learning about energy and the reactionary state sign up for your first one on one consultation with me. Together we will take a look at what is going on for you and how you can embark on your road to wholeness, worthiness and acceptance, work with SPIRIT / God to shift your vibration and increase your feelings of inner peace. We will set up a step by step system to help you manage the feelings and emotions, increase your awareness on how to stay positive, and give you tools to create a better future. I look forward to serving you.



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