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Energy Shift Update: Sure Footing as things change

This is the time to include God / SPIRIT in your life. The energy on this planet is shifting to clear and clean out your life, career, health, and enable you to set your sights for what you desire to have happen for the rest of 2014. Now it is time to create sure footing under your path and direction. There is no place for fear, abandonment, or negative self talk. Focus on the pure love of SPIRIT and the light that it brings within.

The perigee moon begins today September 9th. Beginning now choose the highest road of wisdom that is available to you. If you have been faltering in your life to complete this or that, change jobs, enhance your relationships with your family, mend old or broken relationships, or significantly amplify your health, now is the time. Here are the ways to move forward and increase your ability to transform the energy into a positive life experience.

Where once you have fear and uncertainty increase your creativity.

When the shift begins to take place in your life, or make itself apparent, certain things, people, or situations may change drastically. Trust in the power of the Divine and that God is giving you what you have requested. Energy requires a shift in order to let new things in. That means that you will feel some changes – embrace the experience for it is part of the process.

If you have been experiencing energy in your life that you are finished with, or feel that you have completed – put it out of your life now. The energy is such that purging your deepest fear, your not so pretty self talk, the stuff that has been taking space up in your closet is easier and more effortless than ever before.

The challenge is to get yourself past the self stop hump. So release procrastination, frustration, confusion, and walk forward in faith, wisdom, and knowledge toward what you desire. It will cause all the other stuff to be purged from your life. If you fill your life with right actions, grace, and loving yourself all else has to fade because there is simply no room for it.

If you have already taken steps toward clearing and cleaning – open your heart and mind to receive your desires. This is it, this is the time. Your creative energy right now is at an all time high. Our connection with Source has been accelerating all year. It is time to develop your inner voice and strengthen the loving connection that you share with the Creator Source of All.

Your inner voice, once connected with Source, has all the insight that you need to create an authentically successful life. Source has created the Universe such that it will bring to you what you create with your mind, thoughts, and actions.

Blessings to you,
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Path to success: Align your logical and emotional bodies with your actions. Develop a plan with strategies of how you are going to get from here to there. Take action. SPIRIT / God will support you and shift things to help you, but you must be ready, willing, and able to receive.
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Big Hug, and I send love to you all – together we will ascend,

How to Manage Your Feelings During an Energy Shift

Over the last several days I have had a lot of request asking me how to manage the feelings and emotions that are surging through our beingness during these energy shifts, how to stay positive, and create a better future for ourselves.

As with any emotions is it best to have a look at what you are feeling and what you are experiencing. To know where you are so that you can release the old and create a better “now” and a  happier future for yourself.

Here are a few keys to helping you manage your feelings:

Remember to Breathe Deeply. Holding your breath, or shallow breathing, creates a rush of energy to your head and cause feeling of anxiety while breathing deeply can help to relax us while nourishing the body with oxygen. This is basic science – the body requires oxygen to function at a healthy state. It also helps us to center our focus and release our creative energy; therefore, creating a calmer “now” and a brighter and more joyful tomorrow. 

Create Gratitude in Your Life. Take out pen and paper and write down 5 things that you are grateful for right now. Then make a commitment to start and end your day by stating out loud and writing down 5 things you are grateful for. Keep a diary for 7 days and see how you feel at the end of the seven day. This simple exercise will raise your vibration and help you to navigate the energy shifts.

To prove the value of this exercise take a moment now and see how the following changes the energy in your body. Say out loud right now: “I will never succeed, I will never amount to anything, I will remain as I am.”  Ew! Yuckie.  Notice that your vibration sank – even if you did not say it out loud and only thought about it. Now complete the exercise by stating out loud right now: “(enter your name here) I am wonderful, I am beautiful, in this whole world there is only one me that can contribute to the Universe the way that I can. I am valuable and I accept my value!” Now take a breath and notice how you feel. Focus your thoughts on being grateful for the positive in your life right now.

Eat with Purpose. Many of us eat on the run and rush through dinner for other activities. It is important to eat food that nourishes the body. When our bodies feel the shift and we feel anxious that can leave an empty space inside of us. Inside our hearts. In attempt to fill that empty space we often fill our tummy’s instead of our hearts. Take a moment and point to your heart. Now point to your tummy. Did you point to the same place? No. Then learn to fill the wonderful tummy with food that nourishes, and fill the heart with the love of SPIRIT. I recently learned to chew my food 30 times before I swallow. That brought awareness to my eating, and focus to my body taking in nourishment. It brought a sense of my taste to my mind, and further what  I was eating. I found that some things were much too salty, and others much too sweet. Eat with purpose, enjoy the meal, and chew with intention of enjoying the moment.

Refrain from judging yourself and others. We can find ourselves placing judgment on ourselves and others by the belief system that we hold to be true. Take a moment to consider the space that you require from others to find your own way, to grow, and be accepted. We walk in our own shoes, and they walk in theirs. I find that it is far easier to have compassion on someone who appears to be making difficult choices and chooses to walk a more challenging path that the one that we would have for them.

As the energy shifts become more intense we can become more judgmental on ourselves based on the belief systems we have been raised in. We may find ourselves saying: how could I have (enter judgement here), what is wrong with me, or that was a stupid mistake. Ask yourself by what criteria am I making this judgement. Find the reason for the behavior,  and simply make a different choice.

Smile and enjoy the ride. One of the most challenging expressions for me has been: “experience is the process”. In this day and age of instant information, swift purchases, and an abundance of ready made media services, we forget that experience is part of our reason for being in the physical body. That is what we signed up for – so make it a good ride! Know that being on this planet right now means that you will experience the energy shifts.

If you have been experiencing huge emotional swings during these energy shift, I hope these tools will help you to steady out your personal energy and increase your joy in the “now” and in the future.

Now if you are just starting to notice these fluctuations then sign up for your first one on one consultation with me. Together we will take a look at what is going on for you during these energy shifts, work with SPIRIT / God to shift your vibration and increase your feelings of inner peace. We will set up a step by step system to help you manage the feelings and emotions, increase your awareness on how to stay positive, and give you tools to create a better future. I look forward to serving you.




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