Are you ready to rejuvenate your life?

  Imagine the possibilities! 



Flowing Divine Loving Light is my favorite thing to do, and it is what I have been experiencing every day since I chose to leave fear, depression, and anxiety behind over a year ago – walking forward purely on faith. All that was required was the first step!

I have been preparing easy to follow transitional steps to shift your life simply and easily into a life full of Divine love, abundance, and peace no matter what challenges you are facing. And they are ready to share now!

God / SPIRIT’s love is so gracious and abundant and readily available to everyone who seeks it. It is pure, uplifting, sustaining, and supportive.

Are you ready to shift your life with subtle steps and truly feel worthy of being loved? Come and join me for your personal private consult to help you achieve your breakthrough in creating more self confidence, self love, and self worth in your life right now.

Currently Available: 


  • Thursdays in June at For Heaven’s Sake Book Store In Denver, CO
  •  11 AM-5 PM. Store Address: 4900 W. 46th Ave, Denver, CO 80212 store contact phone# 303-964-9339.
  • Text me at 970-391-2913 for appointment time, or come to the store and experience the wonderful atmosphere of the store for yourself! SPECIAL Pricing: $90 / HR, and $45 1/2 Hour.