I often am asked: Deanna how do you do it? How do you go on each day with such a positive outlook – even in times of despair?

One answerIn a dark time in my life, when I thought there was nothing else but a dead end street of misery and despair – I cried out to God and asked to be taken to a better place. My definition of a better place and God’s were two different destinations. I am now here, doing his work, spreading his light, and he it is that constantly works in my life to insure that I have what I need to work out his life for me. I am so grateful and awe-stricken where I find myself now than where I was when I cried out to God. I am in a better place, in this life, now. I know there is nothing that with his partnership that can not be done.

Here are the keys that I used to walk in faith in a time of despair. 

1. Never give up! Even in what seems like your darkest hour, when all appearances point to there being no way out, when it seems that everyone has turned their back on you, or is powerless to help you. God will send a glimmer of light. There will be a way shown to you. Keep seeking. 

2. Ask and it is given. When you are disparaged it can be a challenge to change how you see what is happening to you. There is a tendency to focus on the negative aspect,  the pain of what we are experiencing instead of asking for an exit point by which to escape the pressure that is upon us. When the pressure has been relieved we can then look at the situation, learn from it, and move forward.

3. What to do when the answer appears to be “No”. God promises that he will never leave us or forsake us (Hebrews 13:5). It took me a while to understand that it was me who had chosen to walk a path that was not for my highest good. The choices that I had made had lead me down a path that was neither right nor wrong. It just was. And it was painful. I was still learning and growing just as SPIRIT has intended for us all to do in this life. God was right there by my side the entire time. When I asked why I had been made to suffer I was told it was so that I could understand and have compassion for others. The compassion of the results of choices made and energies experienced. When I asked to be led out of the darkness and misery I found that I had a path. A journey to unwind what I had wound. The unwinding is a steady process, a day to day journey. 

4. It is vitally important to trust. There was a long time in my life that I struggled with trust. I had been used and abused by so many for so long that I did not know how to trust, or that it was even possible to trust. I had been told for many years that if I did this, then I would receive that. No matter how much I believe, or how hard I tried the reward was withheld from me, or given to me tainted, or even given to enjoy and then ripped away cruelly. This can make your view of the world skewed and your view of your relationship with SPIRIT even more distorted. It can take time to trust, and it can take a leap of faith. Know that SPIRIT / God / Source is always there loving and caring for you. It is up to you to reach out and trust. . .as much as you can right now.

5. Perspective is everything.  Take heart if you are in despair right now. It may be a hiccup, a bump in the road. There are times when we are headed in a not so positive direction and a reset button is hit in our lives. Notice if you have been experiencing a situation in your life that has caused you to complain or be consistently unhappy there may be a sudden change in your life circumstance. This is the hand of SPIRIT answering your prayers. It may feel like something is being ripped from you – it is. It is a reset button. The negative experience is being removed so that the positive experience can be brought to you. The road will be bumpy for a while so that everything has a chance to reset itself. Keep the faith.


Your Radiant Love Assignment:  Take a few moments to think about where you are in your life right now. Think about what you are facing and how you can change your interaction with SPIRIT to engage in a walk of faith. Begin to realise where God is currently working in your life and develop the trust as each new positive thing begins to develop.  Now if you are unsure about how to turn your life around or even where to start, sign up for your first one on one consultation with me. Together we will take a look at what is going on for you and how you can embark on your road to wholeness, worthiness and acceptance, work with SPIRIT / God to shift your vibration and increase your feelings of inner peace. We will set up a step by step system to help you manage the feelings and emotions, increase your awareness on how to stay positive, and give you tools to create a better future. I look forward to serving you.     Deanna Deanna Gloyd, Your Spiritual Mentor, founder of Transformational Coaching with Radiant Love©, a proven spiritual method that teaches you how to connect with SPIRIT / God in a way that will transform your life, create a closer relationship with SPIRIT / God, and increase your inner peace in a way that is authentic and sustainable. You will not always be in the place you are right now, you will transcend, you will move forward. There is a better tomorrow.To receive your weekly transformational article on creating a intimate relationship with SPIRIT / God, increase your inner joy and peace, and creating positive self talk, enter your email at the box at the top right of the page right away.

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