One of the ways to manifest positive results in your physical health is through the awareness of forgiveness and how it plays a big role in your reality.  Your emotions play a part in creating the way in which your physical body experiences life.

I was recently presented with the perfect example of this concept in motion. I was on my way into an establishment for breakfast when I heard a woman say to her friends that her big toe was numb and that it tingled. I thought to offer the woman some conveyance of hope in her plight so I introduced myself politely. I asked her if she had considered that something was cutting off the circulation causing the tingling sensation. “Yes,” she replied, “I know that, and that is why I am going to physical therapy.” I smiled in acknowledgement to her reply. One of her friends looked at me and said,”Oh, you must be a nurse.” “No,” I replied, “I am a minister.” Her friend lost interest, but she looked at me with interest and requested that I share my insight. I asked her if there was anything or anyone else in her life that she could think of that was cutting off her circulation, or anyone that she perceived was cutting her off from the love of SPIRIT / God. She thought about it for a while and said, “Yes, I can think of one directly.” She looked me in the eye for the first time. “Can you forgive them and restore your circulation of love,” I asked her. She looked away from me quickly and replied firmly: “No.” It was clear to me that she was not ready to release the hurt through forgiveness.

At, there are four key ways we keep in mind in manifesting positive results in our physical health. When I was transforming my health, I spend a lot of time thinking about exactly what my body was telling me about the state of my life. I wanted to understand exactly what my body was communicating with me, and how I could create more positive results. These are the four key ways that I kept in mind. 

Four Key Ways to Create Positive Results in Your Health through Forgiveness.

1. Recognize that holding onto emotions that create stressful feelings in your body only hurts you. No matter how much anger you harbor or project toward others – it is your body that is processing the vibrational frequency.

2. Understanding that forgiveness does not mean that you are opening yourself up for hurt again. It means that you release the energy that you absorbed, and establish a set of boundaries that keep you safe and healthy.

3. Be willing to forgive. If you can recognize that holding onto certain thoughts, feeling, and emotions only perpetuation more of those kinds of thoughts feelings and emotions – then you can make a choice to change the circumstance creating them, find forgiveness, and begin to create a new reality for your life. 

4. Identify what the different pain points are in your physical body, what are you struggling with? Use the words that describe your physical pain to explore your current emotional state; review your current life circumstance and what the people you surround yourself with bring into your life.

Lastly, keep in mind the end benefit of what you are doing. It is easy to become distracted and sucked back into the drama that created the circumstances in the first place. When we are closely involved in any situation we can become trapped and our thinking narrows to accept the situation as a reality that we cannot change or feel we must suffer through. This is simply not true.

These four key ways will give you a model to work from and you can choose whether to embrace them one at a time or all at once. This a great resource for understanding why forgiveness is important in helping to create positive results in your health.

Your Path to success:
Ready to create positive results in your own health? Do your homework of writing down all the places that your body has aches and pains. Then use a dictionary or thesaurus to come up with similar words that match the circumstances in your life right now. That way you will have a more clear picture of what is really going on for you right now, and you can take steps to make create differently.

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